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Hiccup's cousin rolled his eyes. It's not like I'm hurting you by not listening to your stupid speech. Hiccup face-palmed. His headache he had gotten from staying up all night was progressively getting worse. We get there, our dads have this grand feast thingy and we make a little announcement about how well we're doing at the Edge and everyone tells us how great we are - well, I am, at least.

Stoick the Vast and his brother Spitelout had called their sons to Berk. They were part of the chief's family, and were expected to sit in on this special tribal feast. The other Riders didn't have to come, and they needed someone to hold down the Edge, so their friends had stayed behind.

Hiccup and Snotlout, however, could not skip this, so left Astrid in charge and departed about three hours ago for the long journey to Berk. He swallowed, feeling slightly sick. That was odd It didn't happen often, but maybe with his recent sleep deprivation and skipped meals, his stomach was a little messed up.

We're giving Berk a sort of preview of our island. It needs to be good. Hiccup suddenly felt very unwell and was unable to speak.

httyd fanfiction hiccup marine

He was nauseated, and the slight pounding in his skull ached his entire head. It was all he could do not to throw up. Toothless seemed to realize something was wrong with his rider and rumbled in concern. Hiccup tried taking deep breaths, like he did when he used to be seasick.

Meanwhile, Snotlout chattered aimlessly about how awesome he thought he was.

Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III (Franchise)

Well - uh, actually, I wasn't lost I just… couldn't find my way back.Well, I am Nightstar Fury! I go by a few nicknames to friends or fans. Those names are as follows; Nightstar, Night, or Fury. So, a little insight on the real me. I'm a wife and mother. I also work. I love to write, in case that wasn't at all obvious by all the fanfiction stories I put out.

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HTTYD is by far my favorite movie, show, or whatever. I love all of it from the film to the series and mini-shorts. I ship a lot of characters together both in the show and out of this would also be known as Crossovers. Deal with it; I'm a proud Dragonite! Don't judge me. I am going to give out my Skype and Facebook locations. Don't make it a habit of harassing me constantly because as I said I am a wife, mother, and worker. Writing the stories the lot of you enjoy so much is merely a hobby and something I'm apparently really good at doing.

So if you'd like to get a hold of me outside of FF, you may do so at these addresses. All songs, lyrics, and what not belong to their rightful owners and artists!

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So I just thought I'd clear that up for Y'all. This is becoming an increasing problem for me, so I'm going to turn on the approval for guest reviews. There is one person floating around remarking how young I must be and writing the stories I do. For your information, sir or madam; I was born January 15, Fish are essential creatures - mostly in the background - to the entire DreamWorks Dragons Franchise.

Fish are a large, diverse group of vertebrate aquatic creatures that bear gills and fins, and can reside in freshwater, seawater, and brackish water. Some species are even capable of breathing air with lung-like organs and can cross land for a short time. However, fish are almost entirely dependent on water. Fish as a group is extremely diverse, living in many water habitats across the world at a variety of temperatures. They range in size from barely visible to the size of a whale which is a mammal, not a fish.

They come in many colors and shapes and some are very rare. In the DreamWorks Dragons Franchisefish imagery is typically not very precise, and often a "generic" fish is shown rather than details of a specific species. The exception is in the game, School of Dragonswhich is a science-based game. In that game, species information is detailed for educational purposes. In the School of Dragons player quest "Learn About the Food Chain", Mulch mentions that fish eat mosquitoesalong with "breadcrumbs and worms"the latter presumably as bait when fishing for them.

Humans have probably been eating fish since they came to be. In the Franchise, fish are also the main - or at least a significant portion of - diet of most dragons.

Their desire to eat fish is in part how the Vikings are able to train them, starting with Toothless in the first movie, How to Train Your Dragon. Toothless seems especially fond of mackerel.

One particular exception is most dragon species aversion to eel. Eel causes illness in most dragons. Typhoomerangs, however, are immune and are said to love eels. To catch fish, dragons seem to have numerous hunting behaviors to accomplish this. Some dragons like Toothless simply stick their head into water and grab any fish present; however, Toothless was also grounded at this time and may have other behaviors when able to fly.

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Others, like the Monstrous Nightmaredive into water and round up shoals of fish by circling around them.Four years of undisturbed peace have passed since the end of the Gene Corp War as both the Viking Tribes and the United States benefit from the economic upturn brought about by the quick rise of inter-dimensional trading as the Vikings use the funds gained from the tributes paid by the Coalition for assisting the multinational groups of scientists in their studies of the dragons to purchase electronics and other goods to improve their lifestyles while also selling items such as handcrafted weapons and pottery to collectors and museums.

But despite the peace, the Viking Tribes, the Hairy Hooligans in particular have also been spending their funds to improve their military capabilities by purchasing surplus or obsolete weapons from the United States and hiring military advisers and former soldiers to help train their forces in the arts of modern warfare and some of the Vikings' leaders have shown interest in the possibilities of creating empires using their new weapons.

On the other side, the American's People Party APP and it's armed branch, the technologically advanced, American's People's Military APM and the regular American armed forces has kept a keen eye out for any signs of possible conflict in both dimensions and has worked frivolously to improve it's rapid-deployment and intelligence gathering capabilities to ensure that they're never caught by surprise again.

However the United States, it's allies in the Coalition, and the Viking Tribes have all neglected to keep tabs on the Outcast Tribe, who have been atypically quiet since before the outbreak of the Gene Corp War a mistake that will soon cost them dearly while in the shadows another power is about to make it's first move against the Vikings. Never seen a prosthetic arm before? One of the Viking Warriors dropped their rifle to the ground, but immediately picked it up before inspecting it for damage and then continuing to reassemble it.

Trained any new dragons yet? Been looking all over for you! Well no we haven't actually. The post-human Night Furies, Barnes and Samantha were with their three children as they slept in the cargo hold of one of the APMSF strategic airlifter that was flying them back to Cape Girardeau along with the rest of the nd, post-human dragons, and the APMSF 1st Stormtrooper Legion after the spending the last week and a half in North Africa, participating in a series of multinational war games with military forces from Russia, Israel, the European Federation, and the South African Federation.

If you guys are asleep in there, it's time for you guys to get up! We're almost at the air base! Anna nodded before going to check on her future husband, Preston Marlowe, who was strapped onto a cot while he slept with a maintenance manual covering his face while he looked at Samantha who was licking a minor injury on her thigh that she had gotten during the war games.

Barnes and Sam put me in charge of sending you guys your invitations to Anna's wedding while they and the nd went with the 1st Legion to the multinational war games in North Africa. I want eyes and ears in the Roman Empire as soon as possible, if Gene Corp has facilities there I want to know about them before we have a Second Gene Corp War in our hands, you got that?

But until then, we keep our lips sealed. Story Story Writer Forum Community. Movies How to Train Your Dragon.

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Taking place four years after the end of the Gene Corp War, the Viking Tribes and the United States along with it's allies in the Coalition now face a new threat as the Outcasts return while another force prepares to make it's first move and set the Barbaric Archipelago ablaze with war.

Rated T for Teen for some violence, minor suggestive themes, and some coarse language. The Archipelago Wars The Story So Far Four years of undisturbed peace have passed since the end of the Gene Corp War as both the Viking Tribes and the United States benefit from the economic upturn brought about by the quick rise of inter-dimensional trading as the Vikings use the funds gained from the tributes paid by the Coalition for assisting the multinational groups of scientists in their studies of the dragons to purchase electronics and other goods to improve their lifestyles while also selling items such as handcrafted weapons and pottery to collectors and museums.

Isn't that the species that's like a chameleon? It's only a flesh wound. Chapter 1 2. Chapter 2 3. Chapter 3 4. Chapter 4 5. Chapter 5 6. Chapter 6 7.

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Chapter 7 8. Chapter 8 9. Chapter 9 Chapter 10 While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me.

httyd fanfiction hiccup marine

Work Search: tip: words Hiccup left Berk thirteen years ago with Toothless. He vowed never to return. Will he hold to that vow? What has changed in those years? Who is the man behind the mask, this mysterious chief of the previously unheard of Drakoak tribe? These questions flood the minds of the Berkians, who demand answers.

Not Hiccstrid, sorry. Astrid does not get to the cove in time.

Hiccup leaves Berk behind. A Valkyrie is sent to Earth. Two strangers help each other escape from prison. Hiccup is expecting it to be just him and Toothless for life. But the scrawny Viking boy who helped her escape from prison is intriguing, and she decides to stick with him. Hiccup leaves Berk. Ancient forces come out to play and a friendship to last the ages is formed. This is Berk.

httyd fanfiction hiccup marine

An island well north of the middle of nowhere. Its remoteness means we rarely rub shoulders with the world at large. Which suits us most of the time.Hello friends! It is so wonderful to see you all again! This story was born of my childhood fascination with Mermaids.

I hope to make something original, and not a copy of 'The Little Mermaid. Sympathies exist. Presentiments and signs that baffle our mortal comprehension. To dream or to see or to feel or to hear, what seems not to be there. But such things exist, things beyond this earth, things beyond our sacred thoughts of heaven. These are the things that reason defies. Once upon a time, a boy was born under Moorland skies, at sunset.

Splashes of red hues painted the sky, while vibrant viridian shone like beacons from his eyes. His tuffs of soft hair were colored with dull reds and browns like the earth, as his pale skin dusted with freckles.

He was small, much too small, but still loved by his mother and father. Because of his size, he was dubbed Hiccup. This is me. Or, rather, was me. I don't look like that anymore.

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Being thrown off a cliff has the tendency to change a person. Yes, you read that right, I was thrown off a cliff. While my normal clumsiness would have done the job just fine, I got help. Now, some of you may be outraged. Well, not on any normal basis, and to the best of my knowledge, I am the first and only child for him to pitch. I can't really hold it against him though.

Как приручить дракона

Mainly, I blame peer pressure. Being a chief has the tendency to do that. But let me start from the beginning. I kept my bright gaze as I grew, and never stopped seeing the world with a childlike innocence.

Everything was new, and good. I never said a word, never needed to, but kept my ears a tuned to every sound.He is the son of Valka and the late Hooligan chief, Stoick the Vastthus making him the heir, and later, the chief of the tribe. His dragon and best friend, Toothlessis a Night Furythe rarest and most intelligent of the dragon species.

He is also the boyfriend of Astrid Hofferson as of the Dragons: Race to the EdgeSeason 4 episode " Blindsided " and is betrothed to her as of " Sandbusted ". In the flashforward that follows afterwards, it is revealed that they have a daughter, Zephyrand a son, Nuffink. In the first filmHiccup's appearance is very similar to his book counterpart. He is rather scrawny for his age, compared to the other Vikingsand isn't very tall, being around Astrid's height.

One of his more unique traits is a small, white scar just below his bottom lip on the right side of his chin, which he received as a baby the night Cloudjumper took his mother away, to the nest of the Bewilderbeast. In the first film, he is usually seen wearing a long-sleeve, light-green woolen tunic with brown leather lacing at the neck and arms, a dark brown fur vest that matches his boots and dark grayish-green pants with lacing at the ankle.

When he's working in the Blacksmith Shophe removes his vest in favor of a beige smelting apron. After Dragon Traininghe starts to wear a Viking helmet given to him by his father made from half of his mother's breastplate Stoick owning and wearing the other half.

httyd fanfiction hiccup marine

This event deepened the connection between Hiccup and Toothless, both of them now have a prosthetic left limb. If observed closely, it can be noticed that he's slightly taller in Dragons: Riders of Berkreaching up to Stoick's lower chest.

He's still wearing the same green tunic and pants from the first film, but he's now wearing a suede vest with Nordic designs embossed at the hem and front closure, and a matching suede boot.

His hair has slightly grown by Dragons: Defenders of Berk showing the passing of time. In Dawn of the Dragon RacersHiccup wears a dark brown leather armor on top of his long-sleeved green tunic, with brown arm brackets and double-layered shoulder guards one of them has a Berk Dragon Training Academy symbol on the right shoulder.

In Dragons: Race to the Edgehe wears the same armor and the same pants, but has switched to wearing a red-orange tunic instead of his green one.

In " Out of the Frying Pan ", and " Saving Shattermaster ", Hiccup wears a sleeveless, black leather jumpsuit with black shoulder pads and arm guards. In the latter, he also wears a matching mask covering his mouth and nose. He's now the tallest of the teens at 6'1" and his hair is slightly shorter and somewhat scraggly and unkempt with two small braids behind his right ear.

He is noted to be quite handsome and attractive. If one notices closely, it can be seen that he has grown stubble on his chin. His eye color has even seemed to brighten along with his confidence.

He seems to have gained a leaner, stronger build as compared to the first film and is no longer considered a runt. His prosthetic is also different, as it is more mechanical than before, making it " a Swiss army knife for prosthesis ".

Hiccup seems to have improved its ability and function, as he stated he would in the first film. His outfit now consists of a basic green tunic, leather pants, and padding, all covered by a type of leather armor plating along his shoulders and upper chest, along with arm brackets that seem to all be designed by himself, making him more streamline in the air like Toothless.